#SmallBizSatUK reached 100 million!

The 2018 campaign also resulted in a spend of (approximately) £812,000,000. Want a piece of the pie?

This year Small Business Saturday is on the 7th December. So what’s next?

If you haven’t already done it, get yourself registered on the small business finder. You can then be found and promoted before, during and after Small Business Saturday.

Next, think about your #SmallBizSatUK offer. How can you stand out and capture the attention of your prospects?

  1. Promoting discounts is a great way to attract interest and convert prospects to customers.
  2. Sponsoring local events is the easiest way to involve yourself in your local community and should generate lots of positive social activity which will benefit all concerned.
  3. Tell a story. Your own! People get on board with this campaign because they want to support small business with all their little quirks. Tell them about you, why you’re in business, what makes you tick and why you LOVE your customers. Give them a reason to want to do business with you.
  4. It’s also a good strategy to countdown to the event on social media. Create a conversation by informing your followers about what you are doing to mark the event and ask them what they are doing themselves!
  5. Download your marketing pack from ‘My Small Business‘ and create your promotional social media posts using the logos provided. Don’t forget the hashtag whatever you do!

And, don’t forget to tweet me about what you’re up to. I love hearing about the different ways people promote their business!

GIF us a clue!

What’s the point of attaching a GIF anyway?

Well in our humble, they improve engagement by making people smile. That, in fact, is a good enough reason to attach a GIF to your posts where possible if you consider why we’re all here in the digital realm and what we’re trying to accomplish; connections.

If you make someone smile, you’re evoking an emotion. And that’s memorable for them. They might even follow you as a result – who doesn’t need a little humour in their lives? Heard of the singing dentist? Google him, you’ll see what we mean.

You might even realise that you already have footage that could be converted into GIFS that are personal to your brand. Even better! We tweeted about an article by Hootsuite that gives you the low-down on creating your own GIF’s. It also discusses whether it’s pronounced GIF (Gif us a clue!) or JIF (please!).  What do you say? Not squeezing you for an answer or anything…