Despite the clue in the title, it’s staggering how many people still treat social media as a broadcasting service. Being sociable on the platforms your prospects use is KEY to getting your message across in the right way.

  • Nobody likes to be sold to anymore. Did they ever, really? The internet means everyone is as clued up as Columbo (giving my age away there). They’ve already got access to all the information they need, to make a decision about any purchase.
  • So, an obvious sales message is likely to annoy and repel your audience. Remember, your social platforms are your shop window(s). But you do not want to be the shop with the annoying salespeople bugging the customers and literally driving them next door!
  • Instead, we are going to work out how to evoke an emotional urge to deal with you. Remember;


  • We do this by presenting your target audience with the solutions to their problems. Some they’re actively looking for, some you’ll be educating them on. Because you’re standing in their shoes. Preferably one step ahead, already navigating their world. That’s why, whenever and wherever they come into contact with you online, what you have to say resonates.
  • And if we’re doing our job properly and using great strategies, your customers will perceive your offering as helping them reach their goals in life. This will inevitably turn them into your agents.  
  • Because people share opinions,
  • Especially on Social Media. 
  • In essence, adopting the view that Social Media is an ongoing PR Campaign is the right mindset when it comes to your strategy.
  • So, build trust by demonstrating transparency when it comes to your standards, ethics, team, and service.
  • Show evidence that you are inclusive, genuine and knowledgeable within your field.
  • And, over time, prospects will develop a bond with your brand. Meaning that when you offer to solve their problem they feel an urge to let you.