How to take the headache out of Social Media Crisis Management


It’s not always sunshine and rainbows when it comes to social media. You’re dealing with emotional beings in real time. If they’re disappointed then everyone is getting to know about it. There will come a day when you receive feedback that may not be in your favour. There’s a chance that your brand may receive negative reviews, trolls or even bullies commenting on your posts. Don’t panic! It happens to businesses regularly. What you need is the right crisis communications strategy in place as part of your main social media strategy to help you manage interactions like these as they arise.

An effective strategy will address the fact that key people could be otherwise engaged when the worst happens so it’s important to have all aspects covered and decide on procedures to assist the person manning your platforms. Should an unusual situation arise, it’s helpful to have a strategy and response templates to refer to in order to respond in good time and avoid adding fuel to the fire. If responses have already been predetermined you’ll handle the situation with grace and hopefully a lot less stress.  

Soothed the agitated party? Resolved the issue? All done? Wrong!

Now you need to dissect the whole saga. How did the error get as far as the customer? What checkpoints and preventative measures need to be put in place on your customer journey? Time to turn a negative into a positive and improve your service.